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Our Products

Trusted rituals and ingredients curated from maternal wisdom all over the world, grounded in JOHNSON’S® research.

Petite Planet™ Balancing Shampoo and Body Wash

A gentle baby shampoo and wash made with rice water, and lotus flower from East Asia.

Petite Planet™ Nourishing Everyday Body Lotion

A nourishing, moisture-boosting lotion with Karité from Africa.

Petite Planet™ Wind & Weather Cream

A rich baby cream infused with Nordic berry and vitamin E, specially designed for an infant’s delicate skin.

Petite Planet™ Multipurpose Healing Balm

A versatile, skin-protectant balm made with South African rooibos tea leaves.

Petite Planet™ Soothing Massage Oil

A nourishing oil made with Southeast Asian coconut oil, for use in the ritual of baby massage.

Petite Planet™ Nourishing Everyday Body Lotion, Healing Balm and Shampoo & Body Wash boxed gift set

Indulge baby's skin with products inspired by the wisdom of mothers from around the world.

Every ingredient has a story. That’s why we’re so proud of ours.